Raymond Crawford’s Christmas Train – Gift Car Finale

Finally finished – the gifts are wrapped and be-ribboned. the tree is trimmed and the background complete.

Gift Car-5

All sorts of thread used for ribbons and bows. The green package in the middle on the bottom was just an invent-as-you-go stitch using Fyre Werks Hologram. The red package to the left was done with Frosty Rays – I anchored the thread on the back then came up and then back down one thread over, leaving a large loop. On the back I grabbed the metallic thread and pulled it out of the Frosty Rays while holding just the Flair on top. Kept pulling until I had this large blob on top, then tucked the end until other threads on the back. Then I could pull the blob here and there to make it look better. The red/green package on the left was done using Memory Thread curled around my laying tool.

I sewed on the large red matte beads, the gold beads, and the red diamond cut crystals. I thought about putting on smaller beads to help fill in the space a little but decided against it. I like the look of the Leaf stitch in overdyed greens. Then I used #12 Kreinik braid to make the garland zigzag.

I’m going to take a break and do another small project before I start on the caboose to finish the train set.


6 responses to “Raymond Crawford’s Christmas Train – Gift Car Finale

  1. It came out fabulous! I love the different bows and wrapping paper and I really like the tree with the overdyed greens.

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