Main Street Station – Progress 1

With three mornings in a row when I couldn’t work on the rugs upstairs, there isn’t an update for the Baluchi Rug this week.

I’ve started something new, but very small. I’ve fallen in love with Hometown Holiday by Diane Williams. I have the first three charts and the 4th one has been released and I should have it soon. Since some of the Crescent Colors for this series are on back order, I’ve started with the second chart, Main Street Station. Yes, it has a train! Each piece is a different size and will be finished as a stand-up box. To see the first four charts and how they are finished, click here.


This is stitched with cotton floss and overdyed floss on 30 ct Natural Northern Cross linen. I try to work on it a little each day. One of the missing threads at this point is the green to stitch the wreath on the gable of the station, so it’s waiting to be stitched. This is close to half done. The whole design is about 4″ X 6″ and is probably the largest of the pieces in the series. There won’t be any new pieces until Sept. and Diane says she hasn’t decided how many pieces there will be in total. When she runs out of ideas, the series will end. I hope she has lots of ideas!

I have a friend who is doing the Little Sheep Virtues series by  Diane and another friend who is doing the Santa’s Village series by Diane’s daughter Nikki. I think that’s kind of neat.


3 responses to “Main Street Station – Progress 1

  1. LOL! You’re ahead of me, Jan! I don’t plan to start my Santa’s Village series for a while, but hopefully end of summer? I’ll just be 6 or 7 houses behind by then!

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