Jim Wurth Arcadia

I’ve completed 7 of the 12 dodecagons designed by Jim Wurth. Since they are relatively small at 5″, I’ve decided to try to get 3 more finished this year in between other larger needlepoint projects. Two of the designs I’m going to stitch this year have the same colors and many of the same threads. I’m starting with Arcadia, which is white, very pale brown, gold, and silver.

The outline was done with white Grandeur silk in the Smyrna Cross stitch. The dividing lines for the various areas were done with the very pale brown Grandeur, also using the Smyrna Cross stitch but leaving out the last stitch in each of them. Then I went back and did the last stitch using #12 gold Kreinik braid. The first two sections are almost done, each using the same stitches but different threads. I only have one more set of + stitches left and these two areas will be done.


I’ll continue to stitch two sections at a time and will show the piece again when all the outer sections are complete.


4 responses to “Jim Wurth Arcadia

  1. Nice to see the dodecagons make their return. I didn’t realize they were only 5″. I may start one this summer! Oh, so much on my list!

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