Baluchi Rug – Progress 24

Still not a lot of progress, but I’m getting there. I need to find a lot more time in the mornings for the next few weeks and get this done. So many other things are going on, and I have projects lined up and waiting patiently (so far). I want to get back to the mandala and the antique locomotive as soon as this rug is finished.

The last flower has been started, some work has been done on the borders to get them even with the bottom of the octagons, and I’ve started filling in the areas that are outlined. I have to get this section done this week. I want to scroll the canvas for the last time so I feel like I’m making some good progress.


I’m setting a goal to have this section done by this time next week. I won’t show you the rug again until I have that done. A little extra time each day should help.


4 responses to “Baluchi Rug – Progress 24

  1. I find scrolling my canvas makes me feel that I’m making progress, even more so than just looking at the piece. The physical act of moving the finished part of the canvas over to make room for the part that needs to be stitched feels good! Hope you find the little bits of extra time you want/need!

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