Raymond Crawford’s Christmas Train – Caboose

Time to get started on the last piece of this train – the caboose.


I decided to start at the top with the cupola. That way I could get the background started as well. The red for the cupola is Neon Rays + in the darker red color. The rest of the red on the caboose will be Neon Rays in the lighter red. The windows haven’t been stitched yet since I didn’t have any black Flair. I went thread shopping today, so the windows will be done this evening.

I like the band across the top of the cabin – stitched in cream Neon Rays and then the Herringbone stitch was added using a bright green Kreinik #8 braid.

I’ll probably work my way around the edges so I can keep stitching the background as I work on the piece. I don’t like doing the wheels very much, and this one has 3 of them, rather than 2 like the other two pieces. Oh well…. I’m trying to spend a little more time each day on the Pet Shop to get it done, but will still work on this several evenings each week.


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