Gitta’s Koshga – A Start

Gitta, a wonderful designer from Canada, died last Wed. I’ll miss seeing her new designs each year. She has an adorable series of Eskimo children that I love, but have no one to stitch them for. But, as usual, I’m drawn to her rugs. I have two in my stash.

I started Koshga several years ago but the borders didn’t meet at the second corner, so I obviously made a mistake somewhere along the line. Since I was stitching on Congress Cloth, ripping out several inches of work was not an option. So I threw the piece away, cut a new piece of Congress Cloth and very carefully started again. I’m using #8 perle cotton to stitch this and had all the colors except the dark brown. I substituted black and got back to work. This is my progress so far.


When I finish the Baluchi, I’ll get to work on this. The finished design size will be 5.6″ X 9.0″ but it will take a while because of the very complicated borders and center design. It’s done in Basketweave/Continental. (Sounds a lot like the Baluchi, doesn’t it?)

One of the things I really like about Gitta’s charts are the information listed on the back page. The front shows 3 different sizes of the rug. On the back it gives you the fabric and thread requirements for stitching all three so you can decide the fabric size you want to stitch. It gives the threads for 5 different brands, including tapestry wool, floss, and Paternayan. It also gives 5 different cross stitch fabric counts and what the finished design size will be and 5 different needlepoint fabric counts and what the finished design size will be. A lot of information to think about before you even get around to starting to stitch.


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