Elli Jenks Pet Shop – Progress 16

The first floor is now complete and I’ve just started the second floor.


I’m glad the fence is now complete – that’s the most time-consuming part of this side of the shop. The rest should go quickly, I hope. The second floor has two windows and window boxes and then the top part that narrows to a point. I’m only working on this project and the Baluchi Rug until they are done so I expect a busy week trying to get them both finished in the next 10 days.


5 responses to “Elli Jenks Pet Shop – Progress 16

  1. I’ve really enjoyed seeing your progress on both this one and the Baluchi rug, looking forward to finally seeing them finished!!

  2. Oh my goodness!! I’ve been catching up on all of your posts and you have been so busy!! I’m loving all of your Pet Shop works and I can’t wait to see this one when it’s done. With all of the different things that I have on my stitching plate right now I can’t start any of the little towns but I would eventually love to do that. I’d set up a little shelf in my living room and have my town on it and it’d grow and grow. Lol. I’m also loving all of the other works that you’ve been doing. You have sooooo much going on at once!! I’d be so lost if I did more than one at a time. Good luck with your stitching!!

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