Baluchi Rug – Progress 29

I decided to give you one more glance at the rug before I start on this last week of stitching to the finish.


The borders on the left side are finished and I’ve started several of the borders across the bottom now. I was working on the scroll border on the left side last night, and had a rhythm going, so I didn’t stop until the whole scroll was stitched. Now I can fill in the basketweave background. All the off-white dots for the two narrow brown borders are done and I’m stitching around them also. It’s coming along well right now. Today I’m going to work mostly on the patches, trying to fill in the center section.

I’m still hoping to finish by July 10th. Why the 10th? I belong to the PetitPoint Yahoo group and they always post their latest photos on the 10th of each month. I didn’t post last month, so I want to surprise them with the finished rug this month.

I’m also working on the Pet Shop and should have it done tomorrow, so I’ll schedule the final post on Friday morning.


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