Baluchi Rug Finale

Almost nine months! I never thought it would take this long. But I’m pleased with the results and glad to have it completed at last!

If you want to see the original rug that was my inspiration, you can click here.


Approximately 13″ X 22″

25 skeins of thread – 16 of Vineyard Silk, 7 of Trio, and 2 of Impressions

I’ve lightly pressed it after having it on scroll bars all this time. It still needs a little more before I can take it to be framed. Now to work on the smaller projects that I have downstairs that need to be completed and one that I’ve just started.


17 responses to “Baluchi Rug Finale

  1. Jan,

    I’ve been following this rug!  That is absolutely incredible!  You certainly are one extremely talented designer and stitcher!   Very envious!


  2. Simply gorgeous, Jan! I’m excited for you that it is now completely stitched and ready to finish! Thank you for sharing this journey!

  3. You finally finished–way to go! Looks terrific! Nine months isn’t that long, considering all the other little projects you’ve managed to squeeze in between.

  4. This looks fantastic! It’s hard to believe your finally finished but the end result is gorgeous.

  5. Gorgeous! I never would have had the patience, or the courage to design and complete this piece. I hope you’ll send it to seminar.

  6. Jan, the rug is even more beautiful than the partially completed stage I saw at ABS. Am waiting for the stitchguide 🙂 Jan H.

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