Elli Jenks’ Pet Shop – Finale

Yesterday I sewed the Pet Shop together and it’s soooo cute!! I decided not to stuff it and created my own way to finish it. I have a lot of TimTex on hand (from when I did craft shows). I cut out pieces of this thick pelon-type material to match the sides and roof of the Pet Shop and then taped them together to form a “shell.” Then I carefully slid the shell inside the Pet Shop. I had to trim the pieces I had cut to form the main body of the shop by a half inch. Then it fit perfectly inside. This will help to keep the shape of the pet shop and I really like the way it turned out.

Here’s the back and one side – the ruler shows you that it’s only 5.5″ tall.


Here’s the front and other side. It’s 4″ wide across the front and back. The sides are 2.75″ across.


And here is my “assistant” looking quite uninterested at the moment. I put it on top of the scratching post to take the photos against a beige wall so you could see it better. Well, Julius had to check out what I had done to his scratching post, so up he came. He knocked over the shop, stuck his head inside, and decided that there was nothing there for him. So he settled down so I could take my photos.

Julius and Shop

I loved stitching this piece! You can find all her miniature rugs and BrightSea Village pieces on Etsy here, and also on eBay. Elli lives in New Zealand, but her charts arrived at my home in just a few days. She has a new piece that she is working on (and I know I will have to stitch it!) and I hope it will be done soon so we can all see it. Thank you Elli for all your tempting designs.



7 responses to “Elli Jenks’ Pet Shop – Finale

  1. The pet shop and Julius are both cute! LOL about him sticking his head into the bottom of the shop…always curious those kitties! Even with the ruler to give perspective, I still can’t believe it’s such a small building!

  2. This just looks awesome! So glad I was able to share in your crafting adventure with this piece (and all the others you do).

  3. Well done. Julius is gorgeous too. My feline “muses” always turn up for a photo opportunity too. I am making progress on the next addition to BrightSea Village.

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