Changing the Routine

I’ve been fairly quiet for a week now. I’ve developed tendonitis in my left wrist (I’m right handed!) and am not stitching very much right now. In the meantime, I’m trying to get organized. I’ve been cleaning out and organizing the needlepoint room and getting rid of things I don’t need anymore. I’ve been updating my database to make sure I have all my projects listed and what state each is in. And I’ve bought a couple more cross stitch charts. (Guess I need to delete those cross stitch bookmarks for a while!)

In August I need to get to work on the rest of the projects that will be Christmas presents so they will be done early. And with football just around the corner (training camps open this week), my stitching routine changes on Sundays. I want just one project to work on for Sundays while I’m sitting here watching games most of the day. So I’ve pulled out the first Heaven and Earth design that I bought over a year ago. The stitches are over 1 thread on 25 ct. Lugana fabric so I know it will take me over a year to finish, but I absolutely love it and started it today. There won’t be anything to show you for a month or two, and it will only be the background for a while anyway. I’ll stitch on this a half hour at a time. I’ll try for 3 sessions spaced out over the day for now, to take it easy on my hands.

Introducing Father Christmas and Cats.

Father Christmas

I’ve done a little work on the Riverbank Train Station and the Christmas Caboose and will show you those in another day or two.


5 responses to “Changing the Routine

  1. Take plenty of breaks with the database entering since you have a tendinitis flare-up now. I like the cat border and the checkered cuffs on Father Christmas’ robe.

  2. I look forward to seeing your progress on your HAED. I have one in my rotation. It is very addicting and I have bought quite a few more. Don’t know when I will get them all finished.

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