Wysocki’s Riverbank Train Station – Progress 3

Below is the top half of the train station. I’ve added the rest of the roof over the platform to the right side and the roof and cupola of the main part of the station. I haven’t done any of the top stitching yet, so there are two blank rectangles. They will have words backstitched onto them when I get everything else done.


I still have a small addition to the station on the left side and a tree and, to the right of the station, a tree and a water tower to stitch. Then I can start work on the platform on the lower level. Let’s see how far I can get over the next week.


4 responses to “Wysocki’s Riverbank Train Station – Progress 3

  1. The piece calls for quite a bit of stitching. What count is the fabric? Looks like fun though, with lots of nice colors and different areas to keep the interest up.

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