Patchwork Rug – Square 10 Finished

It’s getting exciting to see the end of this huge project in site – but I don’t think I can get it done before the end of the year.

I’ve followed the same routine for this last row as I have for the previous three rows. I stitch the lightest colors first, since I’m working with Paternayan yarn. So the dark blue band on the left and bottom of the square haven’t been stitched yet. I do the top half of the square then scroll the canvas so I can stitch the bottom half of the square. I’ve also made a decision about how to proceed for the rest of this row. I’ve decided to do the last two squares and then scroll one more time and do the borders across the bottom of the rug last. When all the squares are done, I’ll scroll one last time and then stitch the last 5.5″ – the 1″ blue band at the bottom of each square, the 1″ white band that goes around all of the rug, and the 3.5″ dotted border that forms the outer edge.


The next square doesn’t have all the outer borders on the sides, so maybe it can be finished a little faster than the last two. This square took 13 weeks at 6 strands of yarn per day on 5-6 days a week. Only two more squares to go!


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