Wysocki’s Riverbank Train Station – Progress 5

I haven’t finished the building yet, but enough is done to show progress. The platform on the right side is done with people waiting for the train. In the center is the ticket office. The fold in the material at the bottom shows the center of the design, so I’ve passed the halfway mark for the building.


Riverbank-5I need to quickly finish the building so I can get to the train. The top stitching, labeling signs, etc. actually has a separate page in the instructions, so you know there will be a lot of that. When I get to the train part, I think I’ll alternate stitching the train with all the top stitching so it isn’t all left until the end.


3 responses to “Wysocki’s Riverbank Train Station – Progress 5

  1. I like the color combinations…so autumn-like. I usually do all the top-stitching at the end and it gets tedious. I notice this isn’t the first piece where you top-stitch as you go along. I will try alternating on the next cross-stitch I do.

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