Raymond Crawford’s Christmas Train – Caboose Finale

I spent the last two evenings doing French Knots for the three wreaths in the caboose windows. But it’s worth it. The little caboose is now finished and can join the engine and gift car. The windows were stitched with pale blue Water N’ Ice and the bows were stitched with red Flair. I stitched the dark red decorations with red Snow and sewed on the red crystals before I did the French Knots so that I could fill in over any red that wasn’t covered by the decorations. Like the wreath on the Engine, the French Knots were stitched with two colors of Wildflowers. I did most of the knots with the darker green and then went back and filled in spaces with the lighter green.

Caboose Finale

Now I have to decide how to do the finishing. All three pieces of the train are the same size – 7.5″ wide and 6″ tall. I think I’d like them done as stand-ups so I need to get busy soon. I wanted to get a lot of finishing done myself this summer and I haven’t done much. For the next few weeks, I might take some time off from stitching each day to get some of that done.


5 responses to “Raymond Crawford’s Christmas Train – Caboose Finale

  1. Hurray for completing the stitching, especially all the French knots. Are you finishing them as blocks? Conside linking them together with a braid made of some of the fibers you used to stitch them, or with small gold cup hooks?

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