Jim Wurth Monrovia ornament – Progress 1

Since these ornaments are quick to stitch, I decided to get another thing off my To Do List. This is Monrovia and it’s done in the same colors as Arcadia that I did a few months ago. This is my 9th one in the series.

Though it’s only 5″ around, it took me 3 tries to get the outline correct. You’d think I could do it in my sleep by now. When the outline was done in Smyrna Crosses, I continued to work the divisions on the inside with Smyrna Crosses. The last stitch in each Smyrna done in the center was done with #12 Kreinik gold braid.


The last ornament Arcadia had pairs of areas that were done the same, but with different threads. This one has more area divisions. The next step was to create 4 identical areas. Rows of parallel lines where stitched with #12 Kreinik gold and then couched down with pale gray Elegance. The four areas all have this part done. The last step in this set is to do a Sprat’s Head over each area with white Neon Rays. I have one of those completed. I’ll finish the other three and then move on to the next set of four small areas to be done.


I’ll post again next week when I’m farther along with the piece.

4 responses to “Jim Wurth Monrovia ornament – Progress 1

  1. Have you finished your other Jim Wurth’s? How? They should make a wonderful display. I need to start stitching them too.

  2. Where can I find more information about the ornaments and do you know where I can purchase them. They are lovely and look like they are fun to stitch.


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