Introducing Maroc Mini Rug

We’re having a hard time figuring out where to hang all the larger sized rugs that I create. And many of you don’t want to tackle a rug that is 18″ X 28″ either. So I’ve decided to design some smaller rugs from around the world on Congress Cloth. They’ll be 5″x7″ so they’ll be quicker to complete.

I always start with Morocco, where I used to live (many years ago). No inspiration this time, just putting together motifs that I like and going with the flow. I’m using Needlepoint Inc. silk and Splendor to stitch this little rug in teal, purple, pink, and white.


There won’t be a lot of special stitches in this one though, so it’s an easier pattern for everyone to try. The first border is just slanted Gobelin in two colors. The next border is straight stitches that are laid and then I used a dark teal to backstitch between the lighter teal and the white. The top border in the photo is two rows of slanted Gobelin in dark teal with a row of pink and white Scotch stitches. 5″ wide and not quite 1″ tall so far.

I’m working on patterns for 3 more countries to be added as time permits – Peru, Madagascar, and Guatemala. For the last two I’ll be creating a rug using colors and motifs from the beautiful fabrics created in those countries.


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