Jim Wurth Monrovia ornament – Progress 2

I’m making good progress on this ornament. I finished the Sprat’s Heads on the other “corners.” Then I moved on to other areas. The third area from the left on top and the second area from the left on the bottom are stitched exactly the same, but the layers are reversed. On top, silver lines of Kreinik braid were laid down and then stitched over with gold Kreinik cross stitches. On the bottom, gold was laid down first and then stitched with silver. The other two areas were stitched the same, but the bottom was turned 90 degrees.


Then I moved to the areas on the left and the right. One set was stitched like the top, using silver first on the left and using gold first on the right. The other two areas were stitched the same but slanted differently.


You can see that I started the center too, but it’s wrong. I messed up somewhere and will take it out tonight and start over. If my threads hold out, I’ll have this finished in a few days.  I know I’m close to running out of several threads and don’t have a LNS nearby. Cross your fingers.


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