Jim Wurth Monrovia Ornament – Finale

I corrected the problem with the first crescent and quickly got the other 3 done in white Flair as well. Then it was on to Jessicas – lots of them. I’ve never stitched a Jessica over another stitch before and when I had the two finished over the Crescents in the center, they didn’t look right. So I ripped them out carefully and redid them. They look great this time. The rest of the area was filled in with 4-Way Continental in silver Kreinik braid. I added the beads Monday afternoon and like the Arcadia ornament in the same colors, my bead stacks just don’t look like Jim’s. Sometimes after they are sewn on, you can pinch them with your fingers and they’ll look better. That didn’t seem to work this time either.


I’ve never been fond of beadwork, and I obviously need more practice. This is the last of the three projects I finished over the weekend – this, Riverbank, and Square 11 of the big rug. I’ll be quiet for a few days now while I get back to work on other projects that have been started.


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