Medieval Medley by Joni Stevenson – Progress 1

After the ANG Seminar last month, Joni Stevenson made a stop in Santa Rosa to do a workshop with our local chapter. We spent a great day with Joni, learning some new techniques for our stitching and starting her small piece called Medieval Medley. As usual for a workshop, we talked about a lot of the areas to be stitched, got started on many of them, and learned how to complete the piece on our own.

Joni painted the two canvases that we will use to finish this design. If you look carefully, you can see that we sewed a piece of tinted netting onto the canvas behind the three diamonds that have been stitched just below the center of the canvas. That was one new technique we learned. Now that I’ve completed some projects, this piece is one I try to work on each day. I’ve completed several of the sections that we started, added the green Scotch stitches around the sides and bottom and added the Mosaic stitches using Stef Francis Spun Silk with Flames overdyed thread. Now I’m working on the section at the bottom that was started with a violet Impressions.


When the Impressions stitching is done, I’ll work on the empty spaces. You can see that I’ve started on Step 1 by stitching a + in Kreinik green braid. Lots more to come.

I’ll show you this piece again when I have it completed – about two weeks I think. It’s a pretty piece and I look forward to each section of the design as I get to it. More things to learn…..

Thank you Joni for allowing me to show your Medieval Medley on my blog.


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