Mini Maroc Rug – Progress 2

Not a lot of progress on this piece. I started the next band, but decided that I didn’t like the color at all! It looks too red and doesn’t go well with the pale rose in the band below it.


I search my stash and couldn’t find any other purple shades that I could use. So I went to the Internet and searched for conversion charts for Needlepoint Inc silk and found one that gives DMC color equivalents. I took the numbers of several colors from that chart and then went to a conversion chart for DMC to Splendor, and wrote down some colors that should work. Amazing how each chart didn’t have all the colors from any of the companies though. But I got 2 numbers to work with.

Looking at the Splendor color family charts, it was hard to really make a decision for a lighter and a darker shade using only online charts – colors can vary a lot. So I placed an order for 4 cards of Splendor from Come to the Point, a shop in San Rafael, CA that is about 45 minutes south of me on Tuesday and they were here yesterday (Thanks Michelle!). Two of the colors looked a little too blue and the other two look great. I pulled out the stitches above the dark teal line and restitched it with the new color below.


Then I started the next part of the new band to make sure everything would look okay. I have three shades of Purple Pansy family from Needlepoint Inc Silk but there isn’t enough distinction from one number to the next and there isn’t a very light shade available for this family, so I’m having to work around the middle shade that I have a lot of in my stash. I’m hoping that I can move along a lot faster now and have another  update for you at the beginning of next week.


4 responses to “Mini Maroc Rug – Progress 2

  1. Are you basing this design on traditional motifs using “modern” colors, or is there an original rug you’re using for inspiration?

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