Mini Maroc Rug – Progress 3

This little rug seems to argue with me over every color and stitch. Ever had that problem with a project? I changed the color that I needed to start the second band. That seemed to work well, so I quickly got the next part stitched as well, using the middle shade of purple to make the diamonds. No problem. Then it was time to fill in the diamonds using my favorite stitch – Rhodes done in two colors. I got the white part done, laying the 4 plies carefully. I tried 4 plies of the dark purple and thought it looked very heavy, so I pulled it out and tried 2 plies of silk. No, that didn’t work either. So I played with several ideas and ended up with only 3 lines crossing the Rhodes stitches done in white, using 2 plies of the dark purple. I can live with this. I quickly added the light purple across the top and a Slanted Gobelin band over 2 threads in beige and called it a night.


This rug is still just 1.75″ tall so I have a ways to go. Tonight I’ll start the next band and cross my fingers that the colors and stitches I have planned will work nicely together.


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