Season’s Greetings and Little Progress

Sorry that I’ve been so quiet. I’ve talked to my doctor about my thumb tendonitis and she agrees I’m doing all the right things, but the only way it will “heal” is to not use the thumb for a week. So how do I get dressed, shower, stitch, etc.? I’m wearing a wrist and thumb brace and it helps with the wrist part and the tendons that attach to the thumb, but moving the thumb around to do things and pick things up causes pain and sometimes PAIN. So I’ve wrapped my thumb too so it can’t move either and after just one day, I can really tell the difference. I’m going to try to keep this up until Monday and then see how the thumb is. In the meantime, I don’t see how I can get any stitching done.

I’m almost done with the Joni Stevenson piece from her workshop.

I’ve pulled out stitches on my Mini Rug so I can change one of the colors – didn’t like the look of the pink I was using and it’s now gone.

I’ve worked on the fractal but no where near done with a page yet.

And I’ve started a cross stitch stocking for my DIL. I started just below the middle and I’m trying to work my way down to the bottom, doing a little from each row to get the line spacing done correctly. When I get to the bottom row, I’ll get one row at a time completely finished and then scroll up to work on the top half. Eventually, there will be a horse pulling the sleigh, Season’s Greetings will be added to the row with the dark green leaves and gold trim, etc. I’m hoping to continue the scroll section that has been started in blue/green over the next few days with just my right hand and a floor stand to hold it tight. Wish me luck.


In the meantime, I’m playing a few games on the mini iPad and doing a ton of reading – no left hand required for either one. Never thought I’d get tired of reading, but I think it’s getting close right now.


3 responses to “Season’s Greetings and Little Progress

  1. Hope your thumb tendinitis heals. I have elbow tendinitis, and every once in a while, it flares up. Now that I’ve started stitching again, the right elbow is twinging, so I’m resting a lot in between stitching sessions. I like. The beginnings of the scrolling in the DIL project.

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