Medieval Medley by Joni Stevenson – Finale

Finally got this little piece finished and isn’t it lovely! Joni packed a lot of detail and new techniques into this 5 x 7 design.

We started the little Congress Cloth piece during the workshop and then finished it up on our own. We got brave and pulled a few strands away from the edges to form a fringe before we secured it to the 18 ct. canvas. No problem at all. Adding the pieces of cording across the Congress Cloth was a little more difficult, but I finally got it done yesterday. We used Seed beads and Bugle beads to secure the little gold square to the canvas.

On to other areas – the area to the left of the Congress Cloth was slow to start, but once I got into the rhythym of the stitch (which imitates cathedral windows) it went a little faster. I love the look of it too. The border stitched up quickly and a bead was added to center of each diamond.

Then on to the final section – the three diamonds toward the bottom. I had one Jessica done in my last post and quickly stitched the other two. Then on to the last new thing to learn. Joni used Lutrador (which she color-washed) to make the flower petals. Lutrador looks a lot like pellon, but doesn’t tear. Using a sharp needle, I sewed it to the canvas and placed a large bead in the center of each flower. I found the material slippery so my flowers are not as neat and pretty as the ones Joni did. But I can see how Lutrador can  be used in a lot of different ways  in needlepoint designs. I just need more practice using it.


I want to thank Joni Stevenson for designing this lovely piece and also for allowing me to post it on my blog. See more of Joni’s designs on her website and learn more about needlepoint stitching on her blog


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