Mini Maroc Rug – Progress 6

Slow going still. I didn’t do any practice stitching before I started this rug and boy do I regret that. I’ve been changing colors and trying stitch after stitch trying to get things to look like I pictured this rug in my head.

The center band is now complete. I did the lavender stitches, leaving one thread between each of the Hungarian stitches. Then used the medium purple to make the long cross stitch through the center. The triangle was stitched with the darkest shade of teal. Between these two sets of stitches I did Basketweave in white Splendor. That left the open triangles to fill in. I wanted a lacy look and tried about 10 stitches and didn’t get the look I wanted. I settled for Oblong Cross stitches (though I’m not thoroughly pleased with the result).


I’ve started working on the 8-pointed star band again. You can see I’ve used my laying tool to open the canvas a little in the five places where I’ll stitch the Eyelets next. Since there are no more decisions to be made, I hope I can work faster now and get this little rug completed soon.


7 responses to “Mini Maroc Rug – Progress 6

  1. Hi Jan, I’m surprised you didn’t do any practice stitching to try out stitches and colors, as you usually seem to do in your own design work. However, the rug is looking good!

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