Raymond Crawford’s Christmas Train Finishing

I finally got brave and did the finishing on the train. I got the instructions from the Little House Needleworks website. I’m stitching Diane’s Hometown Holiday and she has posted step-by-step instructions for finishing the little pieces when they are done. They are shown by clicking on the Hometown Holiday Tutorial on her website  http://www.littlehouseneedleworks.com   There is no sewing involved, just pinning as you work through the steps.

I wrapped the canvas around the styrofoam and pinned it. Then covered the back with red Christmas fabric, and pinned it down. Then I cut the band to cover all the edges and ironed a hem along both sides so that it was the width of the styrofoam and just pinned it on the bottom. I couldn’t find a ribbon that I liked to wrap around the sides and then make a bow on top, so I bought a wide cream ribbon with glitter and a thin fancy red ribbon and layered them around the outside.


The bow on top isn’t the greatest and I may do something different when it’s time to put them out for Christmas, but this is first attempt at finishing and I’m content with it. I’ve also learned that buying beads online, no matter what the size you need, is impossible. I ordered cute with red, white, and green glass beads that sounded like they would large enough. They’re small enough that you can’t even see them. But there are 4 on the bottom of each one. Sigh…

Train Finishing

When I finish the next Hometown Holiday piece, I’ll do the finishing for the first 4 pieces so they will available for Christmas this year as well. They’re smaller and will have different fabric on the back but will follow the same steps to get them finished.


9 responses to “Raymond Crawford’s Christmas Train Finishing

  1. Hi Jan, love that finishing! Seems simple to do, but what an impact! I think the size of the beads are ok…afterall, the train car is supposed to be sitting on its wheels, and the smaller beads give just a subtle lift off the table top for the finished piece.

  2. The train looks AWESOME!! My advice for the bows is to be violent…LOL…but sometimes twisting the heck out of the ribbon is the only way to make it look good. That, “more loops are always better”, and “it’s much easier with wired ribbon” are my main mantras. =)

    If the pieces would stand up without the beads, I might just take them off entirely. No one’s going to notice them while looking at the stunning train. =)

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