Would you like to come along?

I’ve been writing this blog for 5 years and I’ve shown how I adapt antique rugs from around the world to needlepoint. I’m now designing the last rug that I’ll be stitching on 13 ct. canvas using Silk & Ivory from Brown Paper Packages. At least I think it will be. I don’t have room to put them up any more. So I’ll work on 18 ct canvas or Congress Cloth from now on.

So I’ve been thinking. Would you like to come along for the design process of this new rug? Would you like to have a Yahoo group where you could see how it all works, a little step at a time? You could try your hand at adapting along the way with a design that you’d like to adapt- ask for advice, show your work, get encouragement, etc.  If you would like, you could stitch the new design along with me – as a class. These are ideas that we can discuss if you are interested.

This is something that will start next year if you are interested. But there will be a lot of planning involved so I’d like to get started.

I would love to hear from you. Please leave a comment or send me an email with thoughts and ideas.


13 responses to “Would you like to come along?

  1. Yes, please. I am always interested to have a window into someone’s creative process. We can only grow from your sharing.

  2. I don’t comment much, but have ready every post for a several years. I love seeing the process of how you go from original item, to creating your own. I’d really enjoy following along, but as much as I’d like to join in, I’m not sure if I could commit to a class. Would love to be kept updated with progress in case things change

  3. Marissa and I are interested, Jan! We have little room to display a large rug stitched on 13-count, but would love to stitch a smaller one.

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