A Little Bit of Happiness – Finale

Here’s the finish of Happiness (no pun intended). For someone who has never been fond of beading, I have to say that I love the corners with the diamond of beads!! No problems at all and I love the look!

Happiness Finale

The panels in the middle of the top and bottom were stitched with two shades of turquoise floss and two colors of Kreinik #4 braid – pale aqua, and peach. The middle of the sides were stitched with two shades of rust with Watercolors Fiesta in the middle. I decided that the flow of colors should be going in opposites directions – just a whim. There is a stitch of copper Kreinik #4 braid between each change of thread in those areas. After I stitched the first corner, I wondered if I should use a slightly darker shade of turquoise that would more closely match the beads, but I really do like it the way it is.

This project took longer to stitch than I thought, but I’m very glad I signed up for this CyberPointers project. And a Thank You to Peggy Carstens for designing this lovely piece.


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