Decisions, Decisions

Another year is ending and a new one is just around the corner. Time to decide what I’m going to do in the new year.

1. The complicated cross designs (Fractal and Father Christmas) have been driving me crazy, so I’ve put them away for a little while. They’ll be back…

The Patchwork Rug is driving me crazy too. It just never seems to end and it gets worse each day. LOL I’m working the borders across the last of the squares now and then I’ll have the last corner to finish. I think two weeks should do it and I’ve set a deadline for myself – January 10th. I’m determined to have it done by then.

2. New designs – I’m working on the next larger rug (20″ X 32″) that I’ll be stitching in a couple of months. It’s going to be a Border Rug – a rug that consists of  bands that can also be used as borders around medallions, etc. The picture below is a sample to give you an idea. Mine won’t look like this though. I know the background color will be burgundy, but I need to decide on the other colors so I can get them ordered in the next couple of weeks. You’ll be seeing information about it starting the end of January.

Border Rug BW

I also have started planning a rug from Peru that will be stitched on 18 ct. I’ve ordered some thread that is new to me and I’m playing with it to see if it does that I want for the Peru rug. More information probably in February.

3. Smaller projects – I’ve never been fond of beads, but I did well on beading for A Little Bit of Happiness. So I’m trying my hand at a Mill Hill Bead ornament kit. The cross stitch part is almost done and I’ll start the beading part tomorrow. Wish me luck.

And I’m really looking forward to this next one – Brenda Stofft’s Santa on a Brown Bear. He’s on stretcher bars and I’ve pulled lots of threads from my stash. I’ll start next week by stitching the bear in Petite Very Velvet. I’m in no hurry to get this piece done. I want to really enjoy the whole process. I’ve been doing a lot of cross stitch and really miss my needlepoint right now.

Santa-Brown Bear

4. Finish my book on how to adapt art to needlepoint. Start my Yahoo Group (There’s still time to join if anyone else is interested. It will start in late January.) Get instructions done for my Mini Maroc Rug and one of the larger ones you’ve been waiting for.

I think all that should keep me busy for a while. It’s been a very quiet week here at Thread Medley and it’s time to hop into a new year filled with new projects. I hope you’re doing the same thing!


6 responses to “Decisions, Decisions

  1. There will be loads of areas for different stitches and colors in Santa on a Brown Bear. Can’t wait to watch as you stitch. The new rug projects will be fun to see come alive too.

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