Kitty’s Gift

Kitty’s Gift is a Mill Hill bead kit about 2″ square. Since we don’t do a big tree anymore, this will be perfect on our little tree next year. My first finish for 2014.

All the cross stitch is done first and then the beads are added. There are two pieces and they are stitched side by side on the heavy perforated paper. I got the bow done correctly, but it just doesn’t want to look as nice as the one in the photo. Still, I had no problems with the beading so my confidence is growing in that department.


This morning I just had to carefully cut around the two pieces, attached a leaf charm to the hat and then attach the hat to the cat’s head – at a tilt. No, there isn’t any brown on the ball of fluff on the end of the hat – it’s just the shadow from the flash on the camera.


Isn’t he adorable? I enjoyed this so much that I’m going to order two more to do later in the year. Who knew I could enjoy beading?


5 responses to “Kitty’s Gift

  1. Love your kitty ornament! I really enjoy the Mill Hill kits, especially stitching on perforated paper. Finishing is fairly easy. Are you backing your kitty ornament?

  2. just lovely! I really enjoy beadwork of all sorts, but counted beadwork is so much fun. I did a penguin recently on Aida, though my first piece was on the perforated paper.

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