Email not working…

My email address    hasn’t been working all week. My host moved my website to a server at a new facility this week. The old facility got hacked about a month or so ago and we all had our passwords reset for security purposes. Then they had a power outage just a week or so ago. So most of us have elected to be moved to the new facility to hopefully avoid any more problems. They are working on it and I’ve done everything that was required to switch servers, but the email will not send or receive. They think it’s the spam filter that isn’t working on the new server, but I haven’t heard anything for two days now.

If you’ve sent email to the threadmedley address, I haven’t received it. My other email is working fine if you need to contact me –

WordPress is not connected to my website so comments here are fine. Sorry for the inconvenience. I’ll let you know when things get straightened out.


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