WIPs and To Do List

There are a lot of cross stitchers who are showing their WIPs on their blogs so we know what they want to accomplish this year. My biggest WIP (the Patchwork Rug) is now completed, so what do I have left? Here’s what I’ll be working on. Mostly needlepoint, but two cross stitch projects that need to get done.

Antique Locomotive  Loco-6Persian Iris Mandala


Gossamer Fractal




You already know about the Stofft Santa on a Brown Bear. And another Jim Wurth dodecagon ornament has been started and you’ll see it in another day or two. I have a few others that I can start again after these are done.

Then I have new designs that are planned (and a couple designs are about ready to go). So here are some things to look forward to:

Border Rug – 13 count

Border Rug BW

Peru rug – 18 count


Madagascar rug  – Congress Cloth

Madagascar-1Quilt Square – 18 count

checkerboarad10 projects!! I think I should be quite busy for the next 6 months or so.  And who knows what else may appear later in the year as well.









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