Jim Wurth’s Peace Tree – Progress 2

I wanted to finish off the small triangles at the bottom of the Peace Symbol next. The three small Jessicas were stitched first and then the large one in the center of each part. A small bow was added with Kreinik Gold Ribbon. The background was filled in with 4-way Continental. Above and below the large Jessica, the 4-way was stitched with Kreinik #4 braid in Copper/Gold. To the left and right of the large Jessica, it was stitched with Gold Kreinik #4.

Peace tree-2

At the top you can see two Crescents that were stitched with green Flair. These are the first two branches for the tree. Two more sets will be stitched, each set longer than the one that is already done. I’ll continue with those branches and then add the rest of the decorations. It won’t take long to finish this piece.


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