A Slight Curve in the Road Ahead

My synapses were firing away on design ideas one night last week. At 2-4 AM!!! It seems I want to do designs from ceramics along with rugs now. Don’t ask – I don’t know why. So I’ve been browsing the web and saving photos of some inspiration. I’ve decided to start with Hopi pottery after finding photos like the two below.


Since we are desperate for rain here in Northern California, I’ve put together a design what will represent my rain dance, hoping that we’ll get some rain soon. We’re 18 inches behind the normal for this time of the year.


Then to complicate things just a little more, my mind has decided that it needs to be a cross stitch design! I’ll get the threads that I don’t have already when I go to Needle in a Haystack in another week. So stay tuned….


Hopi symbols-3


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