Jim Wurth’s Peace Tree – Finale

I moved my trip to Needle in a Haystack to yesterday instead of next Tuesday. I did get this finished this last night but didn’t have a chance to upload the photo until now.

All the ornaments on this piece now have the bead stack in them – five gold beads stitched with red thread. These bead stacks are better than the last two ornaments I did, but I still am not fond of them and wish the red thread didn’t show so much. I’ve also added the bronze star near the top on each side and gold Kreinik braid in cascades along the sides. This one is so different from the others in the series. The little gold flecks in the canvas also made it difficult at times to make sure I had the stitches in the correct place – I kept getting the ¬†wrong count with the gold braid because of the flecks.

Peace tree - finale

This is my least favorite of the Jim Wurth Dodecagons. It is all completed now and it will join the others. Until I finish the last two in the series I won’t decide how to do the finishing for them.



4 responses to “Jim Wurth’s Peace Tree – Finale

  1. I’m glad to have a record of your experience stitching these dodecagons. I will certainly refer to your posts when I am ready to stitch them. I think stitching two, three or even four on one piece of fabric might be Ideal for me. That will, as you suggested, maximize the flexibility in displaying them, other than stitching them as individual pieces. Now that I see the completed Peace Tree, I u der stand the problem with the stack of gold beads.

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