Antique Locomotive – Progress 9

I’m finally happy with the smoke. Anne Stradal ( suggested that I try needle blending to create the smoke. She is the master of needle blending and I had never tried it. I was only using two plies of Splendor, but I tried it on scrap fabric and it didn’t look good. But I tried again using 3 plies of Splendor and you can see the result below. Thank you for the push Anne!


I got enough white around the smoke this morning to take a photo to share with you. Friday and Saturday I will work on the bottom of the piece again. I’ll alternate between the top and the bottom next week. I’ll be pushing myself to get this one completed. I’m going to try to start the Border Rug this weekend so I will have two projects upstairs again for a week or two.

I’ll finish the two small wheels on Friday and then decide what to work on next. I’ve started the rail that the train is on and will work on that a little more. Maybe the railroad ties and decide how to approach the cow catcher on the front. I’m getting close.


8 responses to “Antique Locomotive – Progress 9

  1. Yep, I like how you stitched the smoke. Needle-blending and the addition of an intermediate gray really made a difference.

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