Antique Locomotive – Progress 10

I’ve been working on the white background on the top for a couple of days now. I hope to have it finished tomorrow. But I’ve been working on other areas as well. The two smaller wheels are done, the rail the train sits on is done and the railroad ties have been stitched. The ties were stitched using all four plies of Bravo so they look rugged and heavy. I used Giant Brick stitch for those.


I used black Splendor for the spaces between the spokes on all the wheels to make the spokes and other parts of the wheels show up better. For the shadows under the train and between the wheels, I used dark gray Splendor.  The shadows are lighter so they don’t distract from the locomotive itself.

You can see that I’ve done a tiny bit of the background for the bottom of the piece as well. I’m using two different Needle Necessities overdyes for this – one with light brown variations and one with beige and gray variations. Stitched in Alicia’s Lace, I hope it will give the impression of gravel that is always used around the railroad ties and the ground near the tracks. Monday I will start the cow catcher on the front. I know how I want to do it and hope it turns out the way I envision it. I want this done next week, so I’ll be spending more time in the mornings getting it completed.


5 responses to “Antique Locomotive – Progress 10

  1. Totally agree with virtuosewadventure. I like the background too. Now that you’ve worked more if it, the white background really makes the smoke stand out and look like it’s fading away. I looked back at some previous posts on this and found where you said the numbers on the front don’t stand out very much. Have you or will you do any straight/outline stitching around them? Perhaps in person they stand out more, but in the photo, they do not.

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