Peter Ashe’s Ghiradelli Square – Progress 1

I was going through my stash (it’s easy when you keep a database of everything in the stash) looking for something that would look great in just Basketweave. Couldn’t find one! But I decided to pull out this Peter Ashe canvas. He’s famous for his San Francisco canvases. This is Ghiradelli Square – a composite piece of the buildings around the square.

Ghiradelli Square

I’m in no hurry to get this done, but it’s a good piece to pick up from time to time when I just want to relax. I’m using Vineyard Silk for this project. The roof of the restaurant just begged for Slanted Gobelin in three shades of brick colors so I started there. All the dark buildings are brick so I’ll use Cashmere for them when I get to them. Just to the left of the restaurant roof is the side of a building and I have stitched that in Basketweave with Slanted Gobelin again for the corner stones.

The trees posed a problem for a while. Little branches all over the place. I’ve started to stitch the largest one in front with a small Ray stitch and it seems to be working out well. (Sorry about the stray thread across the photo.)


I’ve decided to stitch all the black areas with a very dark gray to soften it up just a little. We’ll see how that works out. I’ll continue to work on the tree a little at a time but haven’t decided where to go next.


4 responses to “Peter Ashe’s Ghiradelli Square – Progress 1

  1. Wow, Jan, what an incredibly cool canvas! It looks like it offers the perfect opportunity to take one section at a time–you know, little bites of the hamburger so you don’t choke on the whole thing!

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