Koshga by Gitta – Progress 2

This has been sitting in my tote bag for a long time and I decided that I needed to work this old WIP and get it finished. I ordered two of Gitta’s rug charts and this is the first one. I started it in 2009, made a mistake in counting and the corners didn’t meet, so I put it away. In 2011 I got it out again. Since it’s on Congress Cloth, ripping out the whole top of the piece wasn’t an option so I threw it away. Getting out a new piece of Congress Cloth, I started again and got the top completed. This is being stitched in Continental/Basketweave using #8 peele cotton.


Now, two and a half years later, it’s finally going to get finished! I’ve worked on it an hour or two for each of the last 3 days. Here’s where it is now.


When it’s quiet here, I work on the black outlines for the various borders. While watching TV in the evenings, I can easily fill in the other colors. The bottom of the 4th large motif on the left is the middle of the rug. It will be 9″ X 5.75″ when it is done. There is one more border below the red one that is started. I want to get all the borders for the top half done before I start the center, so it will still be a couple weeks until that happens.


5 responses to “Koshga by Gitta – Progress 2

  1. I have to learn that when I have a difficult to fix or unfixable mistake and put away my project, it’s just like tossing it away. So I just should… I’m glad you started again despite the time lapse. It looks like a pretty rug. Is there a large center motif?

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