Persian Iris Mandala – Progress 17

I put this away 18 months ago. Since I’ve finish the Patchwork rug and the Antique Locomotive, it’s time for the mandala to come out and get its turn. My plan is to work on this for 45 minutes each morning and then switch to the new rug for an hour.

I had to figure out where I left off and decide how to proceed after so long, but I’ve started the first minaret of the next mosque. Then I decided that I should do the carpet leading up to the finished mosque. There are over 1,200 beads on this piece and I don’t want to leave them all till the end. So I got a rug beaded this week and had no problems with it. I’m pleased. It’s just gorgeous!


Okay, back to the rest of the stitching. I still have some gold top stitching to do on the buildings to the left of the mosque and I will work on that for the next week and get them all done. I finished top stitching all the domes on the buildings in that section this week. When that’s done, I’ll turn the piece and get back to the next mosque. I’ll post every two weeks so you can see my progress. Here’s the progress today.



5 responses to “Persian Iris Mandala – Progress 17

  1. Wow Jan! I can’t even imagine the patience it must take to do a project like this. The colors and patterns are stunning!

  2. Your plan to stitch this daily for 45 minutes will help whittle away at it without the mandala becoming too overwhelming. I like that it’s made its appearance again. The beading is beautiful, and probably takes quite a bit of patience.

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