Border Rug – Progress 2

Have you ever had a project that just didn’t want to be stitched? Where you ripped out as many stitches as you put in most days? Welcome to my last week. I practiced stitched the motif that I’m working on for this rug and I still ran into problems. I wanted the little yellow boxes to be Scotch stitches over 4 threads, like in my practice stitching, but it just wouldn’t work. Two days in a row I stitched and ripped out parts of the motif, counted the number of threads between the triangle shapes, etc. I finally found out that I had different numbers of threads between the yellow triangles! Then I could continue to stitch the way I did while I was practice stitching. Counting from a completed triangle, stitch a second triangle. Then stitch two rows of Diagonal Mosaic stitches beside each triangle shape, so it’s easy to place the Scotch stitches in the middle. They are stitched over 3 threads, instead of 4 and it works out much better than originally stitched.

Having the same number of threads between each triangle will alter the width of the rug a little, but it’s working well and I can adjust each band to follow so that it will fit in the new width. I’m doing it the way the rug has dictated, and the rug and I are both happy now. LOL


Here is the first corner with the outer and inner borders all stitched. And the color is much better than the photo last week – closer to the real color.  The triangles alternate up and down across the row. There are 7 triangles across the bottom of the rug. The row will end with a triangle tipped on it’s side like the one on the left that I started with. In the photo below,  you can see that I have passed the middle mark on this bottom edge. The fourth triangle, pointing down, is the center of the rug. I should be able to finish across the bottom and start up the right side before I post again next Wednesday. With a little luck, I may be able to start the first band as well. Here is the rug so far:

Border Rug -2


6 responses to “Border Rug – Progress 2

  1. I am always pleased and excited to see your rugs. When time allows I hope to complete one myself. You always do such great work.

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