Chatelaine’s Persian Iris Mandala – Progress 18

I spent a little time every day this past week working on this. I took it off the stretcher bars so I could re-tack it tighter. But then thought, as long as it’s off the bars, why not bead the center of the design rather than leave it to the very end. So one length of thread at a time, 20 or so beads at a time, it is finally finished.

PI-Prog 18

Working across the rows, they are not the same on both sides. I needed to pay attention to the chart. I worked as carefully as I could to make everything perfect, but the bottom half just isn’t as neat as the top half. When the piece is done, I will have to go back to sew on the crystals and the large square crystal that sits in the very center of the beaded flower. I don’t want anything that bulky on the fabric right now. I’ll continue to sew on the smaller beads as I go – like the carpet leading to the mosque I’ve just started. I’m going to be happy to work on just cross stitch for a while now. One day a week I’ll work on the carpet in front of the current mosque.


5 responses to “Chatelaine’s Persian Iris Mandala – Progress 18

  1. Chatelaine mandalas are such challenging projects. But they are all so beautiful! I am tempted to start one, but for now, will enjoy the experience vicariously through your stitching.

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