Koshga by Gitta – Progress 6

I’ve been working on the borders for the last two weeks and a little on the center design.

The widest border is now outlined along the top of the piece. The red border is almost complete and the black and white border next to the center is starting to get filled in. In the middle, I have completed the first part of the center design. That part will be repeated on the right side as well. The center part will be started this week.


This project is about half done now which feels good. I’ll work on the center a little over the next week and work mostly on the borders. I want to finish the two borders around the center design and start filling in the wide border. That will make it look a lot more finished. Anything to encourage me to keep at this and get it done. I do like it and want to finish it off this year – the sooner the better.


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