Chatelaine’s Persian Iris Mandala – Progress 20

I’ve been working on the door to the mosque over the last two weeks.  There are three layers of different colors around the outside of the door. Then I stitched Rhodes stitches in very dark blue around the inside. The last layer was Algerian Eyelets in teal. I’ve started filling in the center section with a very dark turquoise. I did not do any beads, which I promised myself I would do. Oh well.


I’ll finish the center of the door and add the steps that lead up to the door next. The sections at the top of the door (the triangle shaped areas) are a tile design, stitched over one thread. I want that finished before I show this to you again as well. And I need to get part of the beading done on the carpet leading up the mosque as well. If I have time, maybe I can get some of the gold top stitching done on the buildings to the left of the mosque. No promises on that.

Here is the whole piece so far.

PI-Prog 20


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