Border Rug – Progress 7

I didn’t quite get all the way across as I had hoped. And the problem is that last motif. I counted and counted and even marked the canvas with a thread to keep track of where each motif should start and end. And now that I’m stitching the last motif, it is one thread short! I’m glad I decided that this rug is just for me and that I’m not going to do a stitch guide for it. It’s been a very frustrating rug so far.


I’ve made the Sprat’s Heads at the right side one thread smaller in order to fit in the rest of the motif and the over 2 light brown divider. Then I quit for the day while I think about that. Do I really want to do that? Is there another way to solve the problem? I don’t work on this again until Friday. Maybe something else will pop into my head by then.

When that band is done, I have some more work to do. First, I need to add to the outer border on both sides to keep ahead of the various bands. Then I can start the next band which will be a narrow one – an easy one with just a few stitches and mostly shades of the burgundy main color. The eyes need a rest as they move around on the rug, and I need a simple band that won’t create any problems for the next two weeks. The rug is now about 5.5″ tall. Since it’s going to be 30″ when it’s done, I certainly have a long way to go.


4 responses to “Border Rug – Progress 7

  1. Hi Jan, will the band with the one thread short Sprat’s Head be repeated, other than the opposite side of the rug? If it will only reappear once more, perhaps you can stitch the Sprat’s Head on the far left one stitch smaller?

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