Chatelaine’s Persian Iris Mandala – Some Progress

Time consuming though it can be, some parts of the mandala are just gorgeous when they are done. I did the mosaic tiles at the top of the mosque door without any trouble at all this time. Yeah! (Sorry it’s a little fuzzy.)

Door tiles

The door and the stairs leading up to the door are also done. The dark blue dome to the left of the mosque is completed and I need to finish the purple one. I did some work on the minaret on the right. I also worked on the carpet leading up to the mosque, sewing on almost half of the beads.


Over the next two weeks, I want to finish the beads on the carpet, do the purple dome and then do all the gold top stitching on the buildings to the left of the mosque, and get some work done on the mosque as well. I’m glad to be getting work done on this each week. I know I need to keep at this so it will get completed – probably next year. I really want this.

This is as big to me as the Patchwork Needlepoint Rug. It’s getting close to 3 years that I’ve been working on it – about 30 months is my best guess. I took about 15 months off when I had surgery and then decided to finish the Patchwork Rug first.


5 responses to “Chatelaine’s Persian Iris Mandala – Some Progress

  1. The colors in this are soooo gorgeous. Thank you for showing the close-up of the tiles above the door…I’d never seen that detail before…they are very cool.

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