Overwhelmed – Times 3!

For the last week, I’ve been overwhelmed with too much information. There are three separate reasons for this – all related to stitching.

1. As a stitcher – We’re all very fortunate to have wonderful designers in needlepoint and cross stitch that tempt us with beautiful new designs. We’re always finding a new design or canvas that we love and want to stitch. I keep a database of projects in my stash and it’s too much right now. I want to do them all (and will!) but there are too many to look at or think about right now. 45 on the list that I want to do first and another 25 to do …. sometime. I’m overwhelmed.

Solution: 1. Do NOT buy any more charts, kits, or canvases for the rest of the year. 2. I have 6 projects going right now – one of them my own design. Add 4 more to the list to work on this summer – at least one more of my own. When 2 projects are completed, pick up one of the 4 new ones. When I’m down to only 4 on my list of 10 – add 1 to the list. No more than 5 projects going at any one time – two upstairs large ones, and 3 downstairs. My only purchases will be threads if they are needed for a project already in the stash or one of my own designs.

2. As a designer – My DH and a good friend have both told me I need to spend more time on my own designs and less time on designs by others (sorry designers). I’m behind on getting stitching instructions done on my rug designs and need to spend time them done. And one night a week, my brain won’t stop with the new design ideas and I don’t get a good night’s sleep. After one of those nights, I write down ideas so I don’t forget them and sometimes do a sketch or search online for inspiration and save a few snapshots to remind me of  the idea when I look at the list again. After the last night of little sleep, I again listed new ideas. I’m now up to over 20! I’m overwhelmed.

Solution: I’ll keep listing new ideas as they come up, but I can’t work on more than two at any one time. Right now, that is the Border Rug and starting next week, the Nain Diamond in needlepoint. There will be a full Nain Rug, but not until next year. As I finish one design, I’ll pick up a new one and start – a rug from Peru will come after the Nain Diamond needlepoint. The rest will remain on the list in a separate database with notes and maybe a sketch or photo inspiration.

3. As a writer/stitching instructions writer – I need to write instructions for three of my rugs and get them up for sale. My small book on How I Adapt Art to Needlepoint is done in a rough draft. I’ve been reading everything I can find online and in books about publishing ebooks online. (I actually have a contract with Apple to sell books in the iBooks store.) I’ve read about formatting for iBooks and for Kindle. The formatting for them are different so that’s an issue. They both charge a fee for each sale. I may have to pay someone to do the final formatting, but I hope not. I would have to buy the ISBN for each book – and they can’t share the same one.  Now I know why people who publish their own books costs so much. Like the stitch books we all love to have on hand. Now I’m really overwhelmed!

Solution: Unless there is a demand, I will not do printed copies. I also would rather not do the iBooks or Kindle, unless there is a large demand. I will stick with PDFs. I can do them myself and I don’t have to pay anyone to put them on my website. PayPal does charge small fee for each sale, but a smaller percentage than iBooks or Kindle. So that’s what I’ll do. I’ll do the final edits on the book and try to have it ready next month. And I will pick one of the rugs and get busy on writing instructions.

So I’ll be slowing down a little and trying to relax more. I’ll post when a project is far enough along to make showing it a good idea. I’m not going away – I just need to relax and breathe a little more. LOL


5 responses to “Overwhelmed – Times 3!

  1. I think you’re making some wise decisions. You have been in overdrive lately in posting progress. Blogging seems to be a double-edged sword in that you want people to know you’re productive, but the act of writing interrupts the creative flow of designing and/or stitching.

  2. Amen. I’ve been through a similar process and, interestingly, my solutions are very similar to yours! Wishing us both luck with our plans this year!

  3. What has always worked for you in the past, Jan, is how organized and thoughtful you are in your needlework process. I’m glad you were able to step back and recognize and reassess. The most important aspect is to keep the fun in your crafting. I think the solutions you’ve outlined will help you do that.

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