The New Routine – It’s Working

It’s only been about 10 days since I posted about being overwhelmed. Since then I have:

  • packed away over 50 canvases, kits, and patterns
  • bought a new small chest for organizing my ‘new routine’
  • cleaned up the needlepoint room and put things away
  • filled the little walk-in closet in this room a little more

Here is my stitching area upstairs now. I have not shown the rest of the room – I keep my back to the room so I don’t spend time thinking about how to use all those threads in the two thread cabinets and on the grid wall.  This 3 foot floor frame is used to alternate two projects – the Border rug and the mandala. The little cabinet is my place to store the projects I’m allowed to have at this time – only 10. The top drawer sticks and is empty right now. Drawer 2 has the charts, threads and bead for the mandala. Drawer 3 has all the Silk & Ivory for the Border Rug. Drawers 5 and 6 hold the Aida, Lugana and Linen I bought earlier this year to use on new cross stitch designs. Drawer 4 holds 4 more projects that I can work on once I’ve completed a project that I’m currently working on.

New  cabinet

I have 6 projects I’m currently working on, two upstairs and four downstairs (smaller things I can easily handle without the bigger frame). My philosophy right now is – Out of sight, out of mind. I don’t think about any of the things that are packed away in the closet. I don’t feel stressed and I’m starting to get some stitching done again. I’m not up to 4 or 5 hours a day, like I used to do most days. But I’m getting two hours in each day and taking time out to do other things.

  • I’m reading more
  • I’ve started to work on writing instructions for the Mini Maroc rug
  • I’m learning how to create web sites with Freeway and hope to have a new website for Thread Medley by the end of the summer
  • I hope to start playing with ideas for the Peru rug by next week
  • I’m learning to watch TV without stitching at the same time LOL

I’m enjoying my stitching again and I’m hoping new designs will be coming together in the next few months. I’m making progress on several projects and will start posting again in another day or two. Thank you for your patience.


5 responses to “The New Routine – It’s Working

  1. Wonderful, Jan! I’m glad you are working out a situation that decreases your stress and allows you to spend time doing other projects. I like to stitch with the TV or a DVD on…just my habit.

  2. Well done for getting on top of things. I very much understand feeling overwhelmed by having too many things on the go or that you want to do.

  3. Hi Jan, I have only just found your blog and love seeing all of your beautiful stitching. I especially loved your post about being overwhelmed and then this follow-up. I can totally relate! I set up my own business a couple of years ago and some days it can feel totally overwhelming when I know I have projects that are due or teaching commitments to get ready for. My usual pointer is that my work room starts to get messy – with little piles of WIPs everywhere. So I love your tips for making sure that only the priority projects are front and centre 🙂 I have laughingly told my family now that I have work sewing projects and fun sewing projects, but actually this division works really well for me. The fun sewing projects are the ones I do in the evening to just relax and it doesn’t matter of the stitching is not perfect 😉

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