Koshga by Gitta – Progress 8

Finally enough done to show you progress. The last border before the center is now complete and the widest outside border is now outlined so I can start filling it in.

The center has grown some as well. You can see what the actual center part will look like.


Now I can slowly fill in all the borders and continue to work on the center section. I think I’ll fill in the widest border along the top and bottom first, then I can add the other outer borders a little at a time. I’ll alternate borders with part of the center as well, finishing the center motif and then start the repeat of the rest of the design. I feel I’m really making progress on this one at last. I hope to have it completed by the end of next month.


7 responses to “Koshga by Gitta – Progress 8

  1. Looking Good. My husband (and I have to agree) recons the widest border looks like a row of tie fighters (may the force be with you 😉 )

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