Introducing Norfolk Diligence Sampler

This is one of the projects I’m working on – a new project. This sampler is designed by  Theresa M. Baird. I’ve looked at hundreds of samplers in the last year or two and this is the one I fell in love with.


I’m stitching it with one strand of Needlepoint Inc. silk – over two threads on 40 ct French Vanilla linen by R & R.


The checkerboard section across the top of the sampler is now half done. It’s just over 5 inches wide right now. The little dotted line at the top, right marks the center of the design. So I treated myself with a few stitches in another color – the outline of the main part of the sampler. I only work on this a little at a time so you won’t see it too often.


4 responses to “Introducing Norfolk Diligence Sampler

  1. I like this sampler, Jan! LOL…I know what you mean by treating yourself to another color! Have to keep things interestng!

  2. The sampler is nice. I know what you mean about treating yourself with another colour too! It can get monotonous to do large areas like the checked border.

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